Monday, August 26, 2019

Get Rid of Quicken Has Stopped Working Problem with Quicken Support

Every now and then, Quicken users are hit with an issue where quicken app quits without warning, and shows an error message “Quicken has stopped working”. Basically, this is a Windows generated error message which also displays that a problem is caused the Quicken program to stop working correctly or Windows is currently checking for a solution to the issue”. When you retry to open Quicken after the application quits it then you will see same error message again. According to the Quicken Support experts, sometimes Quicken doesn’t even throw any error message and just start to freeze. If you are also facing such error where your Quicken is not responding or has stopped working completely, then you need to follow the below points for detailed troubleshooting instructions.

Look at the symptoms of Quicken Has Stopped Working problem

As this type of nasty error can also affect Quicken without giving any error message so, it is significant to know the signs of this error in order to resolve it quickly. Down below we have enlisted some symptoms that points out why Quicken has stopped working or Quicken is not opening problem.
  • Quicken starts freezing the seconds after the opening of Quicken Desktop.
  •  Keyboard input and mouse pointer starts lagging.
  • When you open the company file, quicken quits all at once.
  • Quicken stops suddenly even before loading the dashboard.
  • Other Windows applications also respond sluggishly and experience some freezing issues.

Why Quicken Has Stopped Working Problem rises at the first place?

Whenever you get Quicken is not opening error then it is normally due to one of the following mentioned reasons:

  • Due to the damaged Windows operating system files.
  • Damaged or corrupt sectors on your hard disk.
  • The installation files of QB desktop are damaged.
  •  Quicken is not properly installed on Windows.
  •  QBWUSER.INI file is damaged or is missing from Windows.
  • The company file name is longer or has more characters than allowed by the Quicken.

Troubleshooting steps to get rid of Quicken Has Stopped Working problem

  •  Follow the below noted steps to resolve the Quicken has stopped working issue.
  • Download and run Quicken install diagnostic tool to search out and resolve this error.
  • Try scanning and repairing Bad or damaged Sectors on Hard-Disk.
  •  Edit QBWUSER.INI File Name and this time try to make it less long or have enough characters that are allowed by quicken.
  • At last, if everything fails then reinstall Quicken software into your Windows operating system.

Hope the above mentioned points will aid you to terminate Quicken is not responding error. But in case the troubleshooting steps didn’t help, and you are still besieged to get rid of this issue then you need to make a call at Quicken Customer Service Phone Number and take assistance from us. Our Quicken experts will immediately take care of the issue for you.


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