Sunday, February 14, 2021

Quick Steps for Quicken Online Backup

 Total financial control, that’s what Quicken says on its home website which is really true and it’s a boon for those who are looking out for reliable software to manage their finances. One more thing that attracts a lot of people to this excellent money management tool is Quicken online backup. Indeed it’s the icing on the cake and adds to other arsenals of Quicken benefiting lots of users like you and us. 

Often Dropbox is used as supporting storage to backup the QuickBooks files online. All it takes is to set up Dropbox on your PC and pick & drop your QuickBooks file or backups in a Dropbox folder. Now every time any changes are made to the files, they will be automatically backed up in Dropbox. Isn’t it amazing? Well, that’s what fascinated us to write a detailed description and steps for you to backup your important Quicken files easily. After all, finances shouldn’t be put at risk.

How to execute Quicken online backup? 

The steps are pretty simple and if you have already backed up the Quicken files in Dropbox then you just have to open the storage, drag the file to the desired location on your PC, and start editing the Quicken files. However, if still you have to create a backup then follow the steps given below.

Step 1. Setup Dropbox

Firstly, you have to begin by setting up Dropbox on your system. Once you do it, you will be able to back up the files from Dropbox. Also, Whatever editing or additions you do to your Quicken files, will be automatically stored in Dropbox.     

Step 2. Start using Dropbox to backup Quicken files 

Once the Dropbox set up is complete, you can start using it to back up fights. Here are the steps that need to be taken.         

1.      First and foremost, you will have to create a new folder in Dropbox.

2.      Launch Quicken.

3.      Go to the Files menu and click Backup and restore. Now choose the Backup Quicken file. Once the Quicken backup window opens, follow these steps.

4.      Checkmark Add date to back up file name box.

5.      Choose the first option i.e, Back up on my computer or hard drive.

6.      Locate your backup file name and click the Change button adjacent to it.

7.      Save window will appear on your screen.

8.      You will need to navigate to the Dropbox folder, find the Quicken backup files and click Open.

9.      Click Save.

10.  On the Quicken back up window, click Backup now.

11.  Henceforth, Quicken will remember these steps and you will need not to jump into the Dropbox folder to save your Quicken files.

12.  Now onwards you can back up the files to Dropbox using this path File > Backup and Restore > Backup Quicken file > Backup Now.

Why use Quicken online backup?

Some of the leading benefits that advocate backup Quicken files online are as follows.

  • Your highly sensitive financial data will be secured and can be retrieved from a Dropbox folder whenever needed.

  • You can sort and manage the versions of backup data using a Quicken backup application.

  • The application takes very less time to store the data.

Need help to backup Quicken files? Here we are to assist you

Great! You have succeeded in securing your essential financial records through Quicken backup Online. Setting up Dropbox and storing it in the Quicken files will avoid the loss. However, if still you face the challenge to create a backup of your Quicken files, then you should contact us for immediate assistance. Our accounting professionals and Quicken experts are always there to support you in any disruption. Call us today!


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