Thursday, October 24, 2019

Follow Fast Fixes for Quicken Error ol-297-a

Quicken Error ol-297-a is one of the most common difficult errors, which take place while using Quicken, accounting software. Poor connectivity is the main cause behind taking place this issue. So, you need to make the connection correctly or make sure the connectivity settings cautiously as its working properly or not. To solve Quicken error ol-297-a, you need to follow some recommended steps by Quicken experts.

Main Causes of Quicken error ol-297-a
  • Errors in Internet settings, Popup blocker & Firewall
  • Financial updating security settings
  • Old version of Quicken
  • Quicken server is temporarily unavailable,
  • For more causes, you can visit to get connected with experts.

Fast Fixes for resolving Quicken Error ol-297a

First Fix- Update Security settings of Internet
  •  First of all, click on windows +R at similar time and then, working windows will prompt.
  • Secondly, you need to enter “control panel” into the search field and click on “OK” button.
  • Thirdly, Go to the settings of network and Internet>Internet selections
  • Then, Hit on “Advanced” button
  • In the setting option, go to the field of safety
  •  Finally, you need to make a testing on use TLS 1.2

Step2-Evalaute Time & Date of Device by explained instructions below-
  •  First of all, hit on the time and date at below side and make sure time and date is correct or not.
  • Then, click on windows +R united to open “Run” button
  • After that, enter control panel in a run field
  • Then, hit on the area and clock
  • Next, select “time and date” button
  •  Finally, hit on change time and date
  • Next, you have to select date & time according to a location of your time and then, click on “ok” button.

Step3- Re-Set up Your Firewall by explaining steps-
  • First of all, make sure that “qw.exe” is available on the Internet
  •  Secondly, check that the firewall is not preventing Quicken to access
  •  Thirdly, you have to open Quicken and go to help> Quicken support button
  • Then, once you’re redirected to It shows that the firewall is not preventing but in some condition, it is not redirecting you may need to set up it correctly.
  •  Finally, you can set up the firewall properly by using any safety of the antivirus program.

Thereby by following all the above instructions, you can fix Quicken error ol-297-a immediately. Still, if you’re facing any other issues, you can call our certified Quicken experts immediately.

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